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Troy Wyne PhotoTroy Wyne attended Massage Therapy School at the Boca Raton Institute in 1994.  He was immediately drawn to Neuromuscular Therapy (a typical session starts with a postural analysis, then systematically applying specific techniques to create balance).

In 1995, Troy became certified as a personal trainer.  Since then Troy’s experience has been in postural alignment to manage pain, improve performance and improve quality of life.

Troy teaches “COMMON SENSE PAIN MANAGEMENT”.  It is a 3 hour course that teaches individuals simple techniques to minimize the effects of our 21st century lifestyles combined with simple stretches to improve postural alignment.

Troy Wyne has 14 years experience as a massage therapist.  Most of this experience has been in postural alignment for pain management, enhancing improving performance, or improving quality of life. A typical session includes:

  • Postural analysis to finds imbalances

  • Applying specific techniques to restore balance

  • Education the client about posture and simple techniques to improve your posture

  • Teach stretches to maintain postural improvements between sessions and to empower clients making them responsible for their own health.

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